Furminator de-shedding tools available here

The FURminator will reduce shedding by 60-90%!  This tool removes the dead undercoat BEFORE it has a chance to shed, and leaves a nice shiny topcoat.  Works on cats, terriers, large hairy beasts and everything in between.  Gets the hair off your pet before it lands on you, or your clothing, carpets, furniture, well, you get the idea!  How well does it work? Very, very well. Please take the time to view these photos and videos, and you'll see why the FURminator is so uniquely effective, it received a utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

 Video of the FURminator in action 

Actual hair removed from a Newfoundland in
ONE session with a FURminator:

Think it only works on long haired dogs or cats?  Nope! Look at what the FURminator removed from a Bloodhound and Rottie:   If you have pets that shed, you need this tool!


Get a small (ORIGINAL Blue) FURminator mailed to you postage paid for $35      Small size is the "original" and is suitable for all cats and dogs. The original FURminator only came in one size, and this is it! This is the most economical choice; this size will mean more work for the handler on larger dogs, but this tool is time-tested and will work for you! If your budget is tight, order a small no matter what size pet you have.

Get a Medium FURminator mailed to you postage paid for $45        The Medium is suitable for everything from Jack Russells to German Shepherds. It will really save you some time due to it's wider de-shedding surface.

Get a LARGE  FURminator mailed to you postage paid for $55     The large size is for BIG jobs!  Save time with the 4" swath of de-shedding power! Great for multi-pet households or big dogs.


Need help deciding which to buy? 
Contact us for advice, we will be happy to help. 

We also offer FURminator treatments!  Contact us to find out when we will be in your area, we can give your pet(s) a shed-less treatment in the comfort of your own home. 

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