Loyalville Trained German Shepherds For Sale

The German Shepherd pups we have raised are well socialized and imprinted for dog sports (obedience, agility, tracking, schutzhund, scent work).  They are exposed to children, travel, other breeds, cats, loud noises, different surfaces, crate training, handling, and are raised to be the very best that they can be.  We raise them as if we are planning to keep them for ourselves.  Lisa is a full time work-from-home dog trainer and a stay-at-home puppy raising dog mom.  Let our expertise be your guide when it comes to selecting the very best companion to suit your needs.  If we do not have what you are looking for ready now, chances are we will soon or we can train one to your specifications. 
You can contact us via e-mail loyalvillek9@aol.com or at 386-935-4737

We have several nice German Shepherd companion candidates that are not shown below.

We have a 10 month old neutered male and an 18 month old neutered male available now, please click to inquire.
Please contact us for availability.  We have males and females from ten months to 2 years of age - sable, and black & red in the $800-$4000 price range. 

Available older puppies and young adults:  (click individual photos for more information)
Custom training on any of the following is available for an additional charge. 

Emma  SOLD
e-mail for more info

e-mail for info

Jayde $4000 SOLD
e-mail for info


Aspen  SOLD
e-mail for info


Emma is not from our breeding program.
She is a one year old sable female rescue dog
undergoing training and rehabilitation.  Her price will continue to go up as more training is added.
She does nice basic obedience, she is house
broken, great with other dogs, and she is an excellent watchdog.  She needs to be in a home without kids. 

Ziva is a 2yo Champion sired black & red
princess.  She LOVES her frisbee!
She does nice obedience but does not yet
have any titles.  She loves Rally and is close to competition readiness.   She has a litter on the ground now.  She will be available for purchase on October 1.  See her pups on the puppy page of the site.  She is double listed on this page, the photos below show her at six months of age. 

Jayde is a 2 year old sable female with a Rally Obedience title from the American Kennel Club.  She has OFA GOOD hips and elbows. 

Aspen is a 2 year old black & red female,
she is a full sister to Jayde but has had less
formal training. 


Paladin  SOLD
$2000 now,
$3000 @ 4 months after completing the
"Einstein Puppy" program. The puppy is already crate trained & started on the basics.

Parker  SOLD
$1400 @ 10 weeks
$3000 @ 4 months after completing the
"Einstein Puppy" program.  The puppy is already crate trained & started on the basics.

$2500 SOLD

Haans Jr.
$2500 SOLD
Black & tan young adult male.

18 month old DARK male. Photos upon request.


click here

COOPER  SOLD Although Cooper is sold, HIS NEPHEWS Quentin & Olliver are AVAILABLE!   Please contact for more info on these males that are as gorgeous as Cooper!

Ziva as a six month old  SOLD

The young black & red male shown above is a nephew of Cooper. He is titled and scored 96, 98, and a perfect score of 100 at three Rally Obedience trials. He has an exceptional temperament. His price is $4000. 


RACHEL Working line female.  SOLD

Obedience trained working prospect, 2 years old.  Black sable female.  Good with other dogs.  Very social and extremely friendly with people.  Too energetic for homes with small kids as she would likely knock them down inadvertently.  VERY HIGH DRIVE!  Very nice obedience (AKC Rally trial scores of 94, 96 and finisher her Rally title the weekend of Oct. 30 at the trial in Tampa with a score of 98!).  Imprinted for schutzhund protection, tracking, and scent detection.  Excellent ball drive and likes to retrieve.  Ideal home: SAR or other odor detection, schutzhund, any competitive dog sport, or highly active family companion and protector.  Current on everything, microchipped, recent 3 year rabies shot and negative heartworm test, spayed on Dec. 2nd.  Price $2000, or $3500-$5000 after completion of scent detection training depending on the odor(s) of your choice.  Slideshow of photos and videos of her bitework:



COOPER   SOLD  German show line male.  Great grandson of World Schutzhund Champion.    Although Cooper is sold, HIS NEPHEW Quentin IS AVAILABLE!

Obedience trained LARGE 4 year old black and red neutered male.  Ideal home:  Family companion and protector, dog sport/competition, schutzhund.  Current on everything, microchipped, recent 3 year rabies shot and negative heartworm test.  Available now for $2500 with basic obedience and schutzhund imprinting, or in a few months time after completion of training as a personal protection dog for $1500 additional charge. 

Cooper's father (old out of date webpage) www.loyalville.com/eubie.htm  Cooper's mother (old out of date webpage) www.loyalville.com/fae.htm
Cooper's grandmother www.loyalville.com/stellar.htm

Ziva  Champion sired black & red show line female.  Date of birth April 13, 2010, shown at six months of age below, and at nearly two years of age closer to the top of the page (with her FRISBEE!).

"Fancy Nancy" is a lovely girl with a heart of gold.  Very affectionate, crate trained, excellent temperament.  Well started in obedience.  Available now for $2000.  Price will go up $125 weekly as more training is added.  Suitable homes: family pet and protector, junior showmanship, breeding program.  SOLD






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